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What Comes With Your InheritedData Subscription?

InheritedData is more than a Data Source! InheritedData is your partner in a turnkey business that anyone can build.

Real-Data, Real-Time

Unpublished, Real-Time Death Data. 

Death notification as early as 24-48 hours. Deceased Information includes Name, DOB, DOD, and Last Known Mailing Address. InheritedData is unpublished, real-time, death data and is not available from any other source. This is Private Placement Data.

Social Security Verification

All Records are Social Security Verified for accuracy. By law, we are not able to provide SS numbers. We only use them in our proprietary process.


All Records include Real Estate. Property information includes Owner, Co-Owner, Current Market and Assessed Values, Origination Date and Amount, Open Mortgage Amount and Lien Holder(s), Lot Size, and Square Footage.


InheritedData includes free skip tracing. All Records are real-time Skip-Traced for up to 5 Relatives. Relative Information includes First, Middle, and Last names, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers (Up to Three), and Email Addresses (Up to Three)

Coaching Suite

Free Coaching

InheritedData includes free Coaching. Coaching includes The InheritedData Process and System. Best Practices and Best Tools. The importance of The Pipeline and how to build a massive Pipeline for consistent closings every month.

Free Training

InheritedData includes free Training. Training includes what to do every day, and why consistency is so important. How to be proactive. Training can be one-to-one or for the whole team. Also, how to use your InheritedData tools effectively.

Free Support

InheritedData includes free Support. Includes maintenance, reformatting of files, and uploads to Platforms, CRMs, or other Applications. Also, InheritedDataPRO Integrations and API support.

System Setup

InheritedData includes fee System Setup. SupportTeam will assist with the initial setup of all your systems to ensure proper setup of all your InheritedData systems.

Download Center

InheritedData includes Download Center in your InheritedDataPRO profile. This gives access to be able to download your InheritedData in different formats depending on your needs. (Currently, subscribers receive all three InheritedData formats.)

Cold Calling Secrets Ebook

InheritedData includes a free copy of Cold Calling Secrets. We have been offering calling scripts for years. However, this new book dives deep into cold calling, giving you the understanding, knowledge, and mindset to be able to master one of the most important parts of your business. (COMING SOON.)

Proven System

With over 10 years of experience with InheritedData, we have perfected the perfect turn-key system, ensuring InheritedData the best ROI over any public records list!​ 



InheritedData subscribers receive free access to InheritedDataPRO. InheritedDataPRO is our own Application. It is a CRM that enables you to interact with your InheritedData and bring it to life. (COMING SOON.)

InheritedDataPRO Help Center

InheritedDataPRO includes a free Help Center allowing you to have streamlined access to the SupportTeam. (COMING SOON.)

InheritedDataPRO Knowledge Base

InheritedDataPRO includes fee Knowledge Base. Knowledge Base gives you access to training videos, tutorials, and downloadable media to help your team get up to speed as quickly as possible. (COMING SOON.)

InheritedDataPRO Integrations

InheritedDataPRO includes free Integrations. Integrate with PhoneBurner, texting, and other platforms taking your prospecting productivity to warp speed. (COMING SOON.)


InheritedDataPRO includes fee API access. This accessibility for you or your developers to connect InheritedDataPRO to your system, CRM, or other Applications. (COMING SOON.)

Turn-Key Business


With over 10 years of experience with InheritedData, we have perfected the perfect turn-key system, ensuring InheritedData the best ROI over any public records list!



InheritedDataPRO, unpublished real-time data, API integrations with powerful, proven 3rd party tools give you the power and knowledge to dominate your Real Estate Market. 


With over 10 years of experience with InheritedData and over 20 years in Real Estate, we have perfected the perfect turn-key system, ensuring InheritedData the best ROI over ANY public records list!

Upgrade Your Business with InheritedData

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