Our Technology

The Best Data Solution for Real Estate, period.

PPC and lead sources are overpriced and oversaturated. As a subscriber of real-time InheritedData, the monthly records you receive will decrease your cost per conversion. InheritedData is not available in public records or through any online source. There is currently nothing of its caliber on the market and available to Real Estate Professionals. 
Real-time InheritedData is data that is done for you – meaning, all skip tracing has already been completed, providing you with information on the deceased, with five, first-degree relatives and heirs of the estate and a partial Title Search on each property.
Due to market exclusivity, be the first to secure an InheritedData license for your desired area. Get ahead of your competition by contacting the estate heirs six to twelve months before others have access to this information. The lead-time advantage places you in an optimal position to close the deal. 
InheritedData Records are Social Security Verified. Confirming accurate Real Estate Owned and Relatives of the Estate. All other lists have a common flaw, they are unable to provide enough information to identify exactly the correct target, making 70% of these lists worthless. InheritedData solves this problem by you saving time and money.
Fully skip-traced, already researched. InheritedData is a Complete Data Record. Enabling Subscribers to focus on contacting relatives instead of messing with lists.
Real Estate is a very competitive business. What gives you a Competitive Advantage? Timing. Timing is everything, contacting the seller before anyone else puts you in a Competitive Advantage to close more deals. 

Lists, platforms, public data are all oversaturated. They all provide Direct Competition with other Real Estate Professionals. With InheritedData there is NO Direct Competition because we only offer limited licenses in each MSA. 

InheritedData is already researched, making it a Complete Data Record ready for prospecting. Through our proprietary technologies, InheritedData has a 94% contact accuracy rate. Allowing you to plug InheritedData into your current acquisition system and experience new levels of growth from day one.

With InheritedData you can have all Probate Deals under contract BEFORE the Probate Case is filed publicly in Court. Once it’s filed, all of your competition will have access to this information. 

Get new InheritedData every Month. Subscribers get access to Data before anyone else. Stay months ahead of your competition and dominate your market. InheritedData offers Custom Packages for your specific business needs. Enabling you to target the right amount of records in your specified market.