Meet InheritedData

Real-Time InheritedData for Real Estate Investors and Realtors since 2019

What is InheritedData?

InheritedData is a Data source for Real Estate where the owner passed away in the last 24-48 hours. Not to be confused with Probate, InheritedData is not available in the public records or any other online source.

How can this help me Business?

As a subscriber, your lead time is accelerated by 6 to 12 months over competitive segments. With over 150,000 inherited properties available in the U.S. each month, InheritedData provides a vast supply of real-time inherited real estate data to transform your business.

What will I receive?

Each record consists of property information, information on the deceased and names for five heirs or relatives (to include phone numbers, email addresses and a mailing address).