What is InheritedData?
What does InheritedData Include?​
How often is InheritedData distributed?
Does InheritedData need to be skip-traced?
How do I ensure that I am calling the correct relative?
Do the Properties have any equity?
Is InheritedData expensive?
Why is InheritedData different?
Is InheritedData Probate leads?
How do I get Licensed?
What are the permitted uses?
What are the Packages that are offered?
​Do you offer Custom Packages?
What is the best practice of InheritedData?
Where is InheritedData available?
How many records are available?
How much does InheritedData cost?

What is InheritedData?

  • Real-Time Death Data
  • Data Record (Property, Deceased, Heir/Relative)
  • Not Probate

Inherited Data is a data record where the owner passed away in the last 24-48 hours. With our proprietary process, InheritedData Social Security verifies the deceased, then researches real estate owned and appends up to five first-degree relatives with up to phone numbers, three email addresses, and mailing address. Contact information is 94% accurate. InheritedData is not a probate record. InheritedData is accessed six to twelve months before probate is filed. Also, InheritedData provides records where the Estate is in a trust and will never become a public record in the probate court. It is important to understand that InheritedData is not available in the public records and therefore, is not data-mined by big data companies and sold to numerous investors over-saturating the market. 

What does InheritedData include?

  • Property Information, partial title search
    • Owner, Co-Owner, and Mailing Address
    • Full Address
    • Market Value
    • Assessed Value
    • Origination Amount and Date
    • Open Mortgage Amount and Lien Holder(s)
    • Lot Size
    • Square Footage
  • Deceased Information
    • First, Middle Initial, Last Name
    • Date of Death
    • Last known City and State of Residence
  • Heir/Relatives (Up to Five)
    • First, Last name
    • Mailing Address
    • Cell Phone & Landline (Up to Three)
    • Email Address (Up to Three)

InheritedData is a complete data record that includes information on the Deceased, Real Estate owned and, up to five heirs or relatives of the Estate. Properties are partially title searched giving subscribers enough information to be able to estimate equity and have an understanding of the value of the property. Data lists are available to subscribers via .csv file and easily uploaded to most calling and CRM platforms. 

How often is InheritedData Distributed?

  • 1000 Records -once a week
  • 500 Records -between two to four times a month
  • 250 – two times a month
  • 150 – Once a month

InheritedData records are distributed on a weekly or bi-monthly basis depending on the number of records purchased in a subscription. One thousand records are distributed every week. Five hundred records are between two and four times a month. Two hundred and fifty records are twice a month. Months with five weeks would be also be distributed in the fifth week.

Does InheritedData need to be Skip-Traced?

  • Done for you
  • Skip Tracing Completed
  • All Research Completed
  • 94% Hit Rate on Phone Numbers
  • Ready to contact

InheritedData is 100% skip traced and researched. Information is complete and accurate, there is no need for more research. InheritedData is ready to contact. Just plug InheritedData in your current system and start contacting. (See Best Practice.)

How do I ensure that I am calling the correct relative?

  • Accurate Records
  • InheritedData is Social Security Verified Pinpointing Deceased
  • Relative contact information 96% Accurate
  • 70% of other lists are wasted

InheritedData is Social Security verified. By knowing exactly the identity of the Deceased, InheritedData identifies Real Estate owned and heirs/relatives accurately every time. Many other lists are not able to use Social Security to verify and therefore waste time and money. On average, these other lists create 70% no hits or too many hits after research. With InheritedData be rest assured that all your marketing efforts are hitting the correct targets. 

Do the Properties have any equity?

  • Most Properties are High Equity or Free and Clear
  • Relatives have no ties to property and are willing to sell fast

Most of the InheritedData records historically find high equity or free and clear real estate.  With many baby boomers passing away, heirs of the Estate are inheriting homes that fit the best-case scenario. Mortgages are paid down low over many years leaving properties with little or no debt. The heirs have no ties to the property, and most of the properties are dated and need upgrading, making an attractive option to sell quickly at a discount

Is InheritedData expensive?

  • Cost-Effective
  • Less than half the cost of PPC
  • Other lists need Skip Tracing
  • No waste on no hits or too many hits (saves money)

Many Real Estate Professionals know that marketing, contacting, and follow-up are keys to success. InheritedData is perfect for professionals who know how to be successful but need the best tool for the job. Return on investment is a quality where InheritedData shines. With the ability to obtain an accurate data list with high equity real estate and then combine that with a successful marketing plan, it translates into a large number of closings. On average, InheritedData is less than half the cost per acquisition compared to PPC. No waste compared to other lists that fail with less than perfect accuracy; subscribers of InheritedData are more successful.  

Why is InheritedData different?

  • InheritedData, is not available in public records or any online source.
  • Proprietary process, InheritedData is a unique data source with no competition.
  • Tax Lien, Foreclosure, and Probate lists are oversaturated.

Trends in real estate become saturated with many investors jumping on the bandwagon and doing the same thing as everyone else. Tax liens, foreclosures, vacancies, and probate are all past trends that became oversaturated. Combine that with lead lists that are available in the public records, it becomes a feeding frenzy. Through our proprietary process and AI technology, InheritedData has no competition. With the ability to beat your competition by six to twelve months, you can dominate in your Licensed area. (See Licensing.)

Is InheritedData Probate leads?

  • InheritedData is not Probate
  • Real-Time Inherited Home Records
  • Get there first
  • 6-12+ months before Probate is filed
  • Not available in public records
  • No Competition

InheritedData is not Probate. InheritedData is real-time, meaning death in the last 24-48 hours, none of the records have been filed in the probate court. Historically, InheritedData records are accessed by subscribers six to twelve months before probate filing. Typically, once subscribers have the property under contract, filings are a couple of weeks to a month after the signature of the sales contract. 

How do I get Licensed?

  • Limited Licenses Available. (Limited Availability)
  • Licenses based on Approval
  • Licenses based on County

Licenses are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. All Licensees must agree and adhere to the Licensing Agreement. Licensees have to agree to permitted uses and cannot operate outside the permitted uses listed in the Licensing Agreement.  Limited Licenses for each County. If Licenses are sold out for a specific County, potential Licensees can be added to the waitlist. Please inquire directly with InheritedData for more information. 

What are the permitted uses?

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Legal Services
  • Inheritance Funding
  • Deceased Services

Because of the sensitive nature of InheritedData, there are specific permitted uses that must be adhered to. The permitted uses are as follows: Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent, Probate Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, and Inheritance Funding. Individuals or Companies that offer Deceased Services or Inherited Services can contact us and inquire. 

What are the Packages that are offered?

  • 150-499
  • 500-999
  • 1000-4999
  • 5000+

Records include information on the Deceased, Real Estate Owned by the Deceased and up to five Relatives. Packages start at 150 Records and go up from there. Maximum 150,000 Records Per Month.

Do you offer custom packages?​

InheritedData offers several different packages for our clients. InheritedData is subscription based. However, we do offer one-time purchases. All records have properties appended. Therefore we call them Property Records. Property Records include information on the Property, Deceased, and up to five Relatives. include Information on the Deceased and up to five Relatives, these records do not include Property information. 

What is the best practice of InheritedData?​

  • Cold-calling
  • Direct Mail
  • Text Blast
  • Robocalling
  • Facebook Audience
  • Google
  • Retargeting

With InheritedData there are many ways to contact the relatives. The best way is cold-calling. However, many subscribers have been successful with text blasting, as well as, direct mail. Even ringless voice mail or robocalling has shown to be effective. It really boils down to your specific marketing plan. Most importantly, with all methods, a good message or call script and consistency will make the most of InheritedData.

Where is InheritedData available?​

  • Nationwide

InheritedData is available Nationwide in all 50 States. 

How many records are available?

  • 250,000 Deceased Records per month
  • 150,000 Inherited Homes per month
  • 1,250,000,000 Relative Contacts per month
  • $40,000,000,000 Inherited Homes per month

How much does InheritedData cost?

Please contact us for pricing and special offers.

Packages start at $300.00.